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Our properties are located in a strategic position to satisfy your idea of ​​a holiday. Near Follonica, Piombino and across the sea to the island of Elba, every day you can choose a different place to visit, a different task to perform. The crystal clear sea will lull you to a relaxing stay. The archaeological site of Populonia will introduce you to a cultural vacation. The wine road will lead you to Suvereto. The nearby Calidario SPA will offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a dream. Choosing our property you will be free to move and organize your vacation in a dynamic and funny way, deciding where to go from day to day. If you have a boat, you can take advantage of the turistic port of Salivoli which is only 15 km far, the port of Terrerosse, 5 km far, the new port of Scarlino, 23 km far. And if you do not want to move you can always take advantage of the miles of coastline, crystal clear sea and pine forest that you can find just a couple of miles from our homes!

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Here you can taste a sea and meat cooking; simple bio- dishes cooked perfectly are served with very famous wines from this land. This is one of the best cooking land.

Some addresses and suggestions:

Piombino centre:

Taverna dei Boncompagni   (prezzo da € 31- € 41)

Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 38, 57025 Piombino,  tel.  +39 0565 222176

Al baccanale (prezzo da € 35 – € 48)

XX Settembre n 20, angolo piazzetta Sant’Antimo, 57025 Piombino, tel. + 39 0565 222039

I’Ciripasso  (prezzo da € 35 – € 48)

Corso Vittorio Emanuele 19, 57025 Piombino, tel. + 39 0565 32883

Trattoria Le Birbe  (prezzo da € 21 – € 31)

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 19, 57025 Piombino, tel. +39 0565 32883

Il Garibaldi Innamorato  (prezzo da € 28 – € 57)

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 5, Piombino, tel +39 0565 49410

Pizzeria Da Tonino  (prezzo da € 12 – € 30)

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 55, 57025 Piombino, tel . +39 0565 30533

Ristorante Osteria Carugi

Via Ferrer Francesco, 10, 57025 Piombino, tel. +39 0565 224422

Enoteca Di Via Mozza

Via Mozza, 6, 57025 Piombino, tel. 0565 225322

On the seaside:


Parco Costiero della Sterpaia, Loc. Carlappiano, Piombino, tel. + 39 339 16 80.102

Mister Fog

Loc. Perelli 1 | Riotorto, Piombino, tel. +39 3898417905 – +39 339 2666727

Ristorante Balneare Calamoresca Beach

Golfo di Calamoresca, 57025 Piombino,  tel +39 0565 42029

Ristorante Il Pino

Localita Carbonifera, 57025 Piombino, tel. +39 056 520912

Ristorante La Capannina Di Dilva

Perelli 2, 57025 Piombino, tel. +39 0565 28120


Below is a list of useful numbers for your stay:

Emergency Services 118 Italian Red Cross
Via della Pace Telefono 0566 – 269811 fax0566 – 269827

Police Tenenza
Via Bicocchi, 98 Telefono 0566 – 40008 Telefono 0566 – 45105

Guardia di Finanza
Guardia di Finanzia Tenenza – Piazza del Popolo, 9 Telefono 0566 – 40256

Fire fighters
Vigili del Fuoco Chiamate di Soccorso – Via Leopardi, 7 Servizio Speciale, Chiamate di Soccorso Telefono 115Telefono 0566 – 54444

Ferrovie dello Stato S.p.A. Uffici Biglietti e Dirigenti Movimento – Piazza Don Minzoni, 5 Telefono 0566 – 40043
Ferrovie dello Stato S.p.A. Stazione di Follonica – Sottostante Elettrica – Piazza Don Minzoni, 5 Telefono 0566 – 57687

Local Health Company n. 9
Azienda Sanitaria Locale n. 9 – Viale Europa Telefono 0566 – 59511
Presidio Ospedaliero Massa Marittima – Viale Risorgimento – Centralino Telefono 0566 – 909111
Emergenza Urgenza – Emergenza Sanitaria Guardia Medica Telefono 118
Pronto Soccorso Telefono 0566 – 909232 Telefono 0566 – 909233
Direzione Sanitaria Telefono 0566 – 909309
FOLLONICA – Viale Europa – Centralino Telefono 0566 – 59511
Emergenza Urgenza – Guardia Medica Telefono 0566 – 59515
Primo Soccorso Telefono 118


12-03-2017: La moglie del mondo

di Carol Ann Duffy

Dal 26-10-2016 al 21-04-2017: Pedala il libro 2017

in collaborazione con gli Istituti comprensivi di Follonica Scuole Secondarie di 1^ Grado di Follonica

20-04-2017: Giovannin Senza Paura

Marionette da tavolo (7-8 anni)

Dal 20-12-2016 al 27-03-2017: Cipressino d’Oro

Premio Nazinakle di Poesia

22-03-2017: La famiglia come sostegno nelle criticit?

La famiglia nel tempo

Pascià glam beach

Beach equipped for dogs


Bagno la Capannina

Nano Verde

Beach equipped for dogs


Suggestions for visiting fascinating places that you can find just nearby our properties.



You can quietly walk along the promenade in front of a wonderful sea bordering the town perimetre up to Piazza del Popolo and Piazza a Mare. Here you find the two  bronze monument: The Sea Allegory ( 1988) and The Mistery Door.


The sea water of the whole Maremma coast is the most transparent and cleanest in Italy. Along over 160 kms the coast presents you many various landscapes: high coast, little isolated gulfs, sand beaches, shores, gorgeous pine woods or intacted wild green areas. The sand beach of Follonica gulf offers you splendid small bays as Cala Martina and Cala Violina or Castiglione della Pescaia and Marina di Grosseto: a right place for you looking for a direct contact with sea and nature without renouncing all kind of confort in the many t bathing establishments nearby. You can hire boats, motor and sailing boats, wind surf tables and even yatchts, you can practise water sky andsub fishing, There are many sailing , motor boat  and diving, dipping schools.


San Leopoldo Curch, wanted by Granduca Leopoldo the Second, was begun in 1836 by architect Alessandro Manetti’project in collaboration with Carlo Reishammer and it was consecrated in 1838. It is in neoclassical stile and has a lot of inner cast iron decorations, such as the columns, the balustrade and the central arch frame.

Via Roma. Orari: 08.00-12.00 16.00-18.00. Ingresso gratuito.

The Iron and Cast Iron Museum. It was founded in 1995, in order to preserve important artistic fusion works and the wooden models of Ilva factory, closed in 1970.

Forno San Ferdinando, Inside Iron Factory. Opening Hours: Summertime (Since June15th – till September 15th): Wednesday 17.00-20.00; Friday: 08.30-13.30; 17.00-23.00; Saturday: 08.30-13.30; 17.00-23.00; Sunday: 17.00-23.00.  Wintertime: Wednesday: 16.30-19.30; Friday: 09.00-12.00; 16.30-19.30; Saturday: 09.00-12.00; Sunday: 16.30-19.30 Ingresso gratuito. For visits out of hours contact the adjacent Municipal Library. Guided tours by appointment at the Cultural Services office. Admission is free.

Piombino - Populonia


It is a well known important iron and steel industrial area but it is however a charming and beautiful land. It has an important historical centre and middle ages monument and palaces. Opening on to the seaside there is the beautiful   Piazza Bovio. In the surroundings there is the Parco archeologico di Baratti Populonia, a magic site of great interest for tourists and historicians.


This ancient Etruscan town was one of the oldest iron industry and trade. Settled on the top of a hill from where you can admire Baratti Gulf, it has a charming , magic centre.  On the bottom of the hill there is Necropoli di San Cerbone, just nearby the beach and on the sides  Necropoli delle Grotte and Acropoli di Populonia.

For further information please visit:

Elba Island

Elba Island

The most important island of Tuscan archipelago  is 23kms from Piombino from where you can warp. Three important sea companies Moby lines, Toremar a Blue Navy offer  a good transport service for cars and passengers in an hour voyage. Here you will find delightful beaches and shores Ghiaie, Enfola, Lacona, and visit typical villages Procchio, Cavo, Capoliveri. For further information, please visit

From Piombino harbour you can go and visit other tuscan archipelago islands, Capraia, Cerboli, Palmarola.

Campiglia - Suvereto - Sassetta


It is the finest village in Val di Cornia. It is on a sweet hill on to the sea. It has etruscan, roman and middle age origin and many old monuments and castes can be visited, like La Rocca castle where you can have the amazing sight of Follonica Gulf. At the root of this hill there is the hot sulfurean thermal  waters of Calidario bath.

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A charming village, surrounded by old walls,  and stoned houses and paved roads. All year long there are folkloric feasts and fairs. In the country around there are canteens and agritourism farms.

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In the heart of Val di Cornia, surrounded by chestnut  and oak woods you find Sassetta village, settled on a hill seeing the sea. It is the right place for trekking, going by bike and riding.

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